Warwick - Racing

VW Warwick 2019 Racing Information

Scrutineering happens at the track from 12noon till 1pm on Saturday.
Both registered and non-registered cars may compete, and all vehicles must pass a basic road/track worthiness inspection. All cars must be fitted with at least a three point lap sash seat belt, and cars than will run quicker than 6.99 must have passed a tech inspection prior to the event. Proper drag race cars must have their licence and log book. All vehicles will be inspected by track officials.

For those competing for the first time, or who only compete at events such as these, your entrance fee for the weekend includes your RACERS licence and insurance cover. In addition you will need a helmet, long sleeve shirt, long pants and closed shoes. Try to avoid nylon material. Of course you can go the full hog and have a race suit.
Gloves are optional. Competitors must be 17 years of age or older and hold a drivers licence (L & P okay).

At scrutineering, a race number will be allocated to your car, which will also indicate which class of racing you are competing in.

Practice begins at 1pm and goes through to until 5pm on Saturday. Not only is this an ideal time to learn, watch and even ask the Pros some questions and pick up handy start tips, but it will also be the session where your Sunday race time will be used to sort classes for competition.

Officials will direct you to a lane, so keep an eye on what is happening. When it's your turn, proceed towards the start line. There is a burnout pad, but unless you know what you are doing, best give this a miss. As you approach the start, there are three sets of photocells in each lane. The first is the PRE STAGE beam, which controls the top light on the Xmas tree. This does nothing more than let you know you have eight inches to go to the STAGE LIGHT, the second light on the tree. The race cannot be started until this light is on. The final beam is the GUARD BEAM which starts the timers if the stage beam has not been cleared. This applies only to very low cars such as dragsters. When your vehicle is properly staged, you're ready to give your full attention to the Xmas tree.

Once the start official hits the button, three amber lights quickly light up in succession before reaching the last two lights, a green GO light and a red FOUL light. When the stage light is on, your front tyre is interrupting the stage beam across the track.

If that beam is re-opened before the green light comes on (ie somewhere during the three amber lights), the red FOUL light comes on. While this doesn't matter in practice, in racing it means "you lose!" The finish line has a series of two photocells. The first is 66 feet before the finish line. The second is the finish line itself. The first and second lights start and stop the speed traps to measure your speed across the finish. The second light stops the E.T clocks and provides the elapsed time for the run.

After completing the run, you will be directed to the return road. If you have a problem and cannot stop, don't try to take the corner at high speed - continue straight ahead into the extra runoff area.
There is plenty of stopping room there. Having completed the run, pick up your time slip from the base of the tower. All details of the run are shown - reaction time, E.T, speed in mph and kph and in racing, the amount from your dial-in. Both lanes are shown on the time slip. Easy enough? It will be after a few runs. But you'll only find out by giving it a go.

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