There is a growing resurgence in all forms of nostalgia motorsport, whether it be bitumen or dirt, straight line or circuit, four wheels or two. Although the new age of computer-driven race cars and bikes have made enormous gains in engine technology and efficiency, their record lap times are not inspiring a generation of motorsport enthusiasts fed a diet of raw energy and skill, where the driver made the difference, not a laptop and a software programme. The popularity and success of nostalgia motorsport is quickly embarrassing the more high profile, sterile modern events, as true motorsport fans flock to re-discover the excitement and thrills of a forgotten era.


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Now in its seventh year, VWMA also hosts two drag racing weekends, sponsors a variety of VW shows, and supports events across the country. Printed and distributed by Australian companies, VWMA is also fortunate to have access to a talented pool of home based VW photojournalists and print/web technicians, who work with VWMA to produce quality VW entertainment each issue. And in 2011, the magazine's website has evolved to encompass the online and portable information revolution with the inclusion of additional media content to enrich the printed reading experience.

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