Casey Gilbert's dad owned a '67 Split Kombi, and as a child Casey can remember many fishing trips to the Exmouth beaches in Western Australia, with the '67 loaded with camping and fishing gear and towing the family boat. What made the trips even more memorable was his dad's unique approach to reaching the best fishing and boating points along the coastline. When the sealed roads finished and the sand began, the '67 not only took on the role of consummate 4WD to reach the water's edge and follow the low tide mark to the chosen spot, but it also became a beach road train. Casey's family usually spent their holidays with friends, but the other vehicle was not as versatile as the Kombi on the soft stuff. Not a problem for Casey's dad - he simply hooked their friend's boat and trailer to the back of their own and the '67 towed the two boats in beach-train formation over the sand. That must have been some spectacle!


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